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Welcome to Gonna Fly Now.

Hello and welcome to our blog! We’re nearing the end of another hockey season – another season where we’re left scratching our heads and thinking ‘what happened?’. Claude Giroux is another year closer to retirement, the seemingly never ending issues on the blue line still continue and we as a fan base feel more divided with the conclusion of each game.

We’re not here to give you all the answers; we’re not going to provide you with a statistical breakdown of why Sean Couturier is the best defensive center in the NHL; nor are we going to give a detailed list of players the Flyers should draft in the upcoming NHL Entry Draft. We are not here to pick sides.

We’re here just to have fun with it.

There are so many fantastic stories to tell about this team from their long and storied history. At the conclusion of this season (2020/21) the Flyers will have played a grand total of 4,171 games in their history – Game 6 Vs. Boston, 1974; Vs. USSR Red Army, 1976; Game 6 Vs. Edmonton, 1987; Game 6 Vs. Toronto, 2004; Game 7 Vs. Boston. 2010. There are more memorable games in the 53-year-long history of the Flyers than you can shake a stick at. As fans we’ve experienced some really high highs, and some really low lows. We can’t help but to love, and hate, this hockey team.

Hopefully we’re here to add a new breath of fresh air to the Flyers blogspace. We’re here to be goofy, have fun and not take things so seriously. There are plenty of stories to share, players of yesteryear to remember, and even lessons to learn from the past.

Thank you so much for deciding to check out our blog, please feel free to follow us on twitter, leave a comment, and maybe stay a while.

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