Ranking the Top 10 Overtime Goals in Flyers History.

The 2021 NHL playoffs are just getting underway and they’re already causing heart palpitations for every fanbase involved. With the first day of the 2021 playoffs kicking off with an OT contest between Boston & Washington; then day two featuring OT games from the Islanders & Penguins as well as the Wild & Golden Knights – additionally Tampa Bay scoring with 1:14 remaining in the third, breaking a 4-4 tie. There has been no shortage of thrilling hockey and exhilarating goals thus far. While the Flyers are on the outside looking in at all of the fun, we can at least look back on some memorable moments of the past. In true Philadelphia fashion: there’s always next year.

10. Dave Poulin, 1989, Semifinals vs. Montreal

9. Dave Schultz, 1974 Quarterfinals vs. Atlanta

One of two goals scored by Dave Schultz in the 1974 Stanley Cup Run. Dave Schultz scored in OT, beating the Atlanta Flames and moving on to the next round. But the more interesting thing I want to talk about here is Dave Schultz having 139 PIMS in just 17 playoff games played. To put that into perspective, during the 2020/2021 season the league leader for PIMS was Tom Wilson, with 96. During the last full 82 game season, only one player had more PIMS than Schultz did in the 74′ playoffs: Evander Kane 153 PIMS.

8. Joffery Lupul, 2007 Quarterfinals vs. Washington

The Flyers were coming off of a franchise worst season in 2006/2007, Paul Holmgren had seemingly re built the team over night with huge splashes in free agency as well as with monstrous trades. Joffery Lupul was part of that radical shake up, joining the Flyers in a trade during the summer of 2007. Lupul was shipped alongside Jason Smith from the Oilers in exchange for Joni Pitkanen, Geoff Sanderson and a 2007 3rd round draft pick. The Capitals were no pushover with Alex Ovechkin and his 65 goal season, acquiring Hall of Famer Sergei Federov at the deadline, a hot goalie in Christobal Huet. The Flyers won in underdog fashion, and Joffery Lupul lived the moment every kid dreams about: scoring the series winner in game seven overtime.

7. Jeremy Roenick, 2004 Semifinals vs. Toronto

With one shot of the puck, Jeremy Roenick sent the Maple Leafs into a ten year long playoff drought.

6. Simon Gagne, 2004 Conference Finals vs. Tampa Bay


5. Ivan Provorov, 2020 Semifinals vs. New York Islanders

While this series may have been some of the most difficult to watch Flyers hockey I can remember, there is not many more things as electrifying as a Game six double overtime goal – to force a game seven. The Islanders outshot the Flyers 53-31, but as someone wise once said :

4. Keith Primeau, 2000 Quarterfinals vs. Pittsburgh

Pizzas delivered the locker room mid game, players napping on the bench. Honestly you have to commend the goalies for not giving up and letting a shot slip by so they’d be able to finally be done playing this never ending game. Keith Primeau ends this game in the wee hours of the morning with a simple but elegant slap shot from the middle of the zone.

3. Claude Giroux, 2010 Cup Finals vs. Chicago

It is truly a shame that the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals were cancelled after this game. We can assume Chicago had the better chance because they won two Stanley Cups in the following seasons (So close, but so far away from being a modern day dynasty!). But the Flyers may have had good odds too because during the 2010 playoffs they were on a different level than we had seen before. Oh well, at least we can appreciate the Finals ending in a no decision after this goal was scored.

2. Simon Gagne, 2010 Semifinals vs. Boston

The start to a nearly perfect Cinderella run. This is truly the only time I have felt actual ‘hope’ for the Flyers while watching them. After this goal and up to the Cup Finals it felt like all of us in Philadelphia were getting retribution after all of the years of suffering. This goal helped fuel the 3-0 comeback against Boston – and it makes it even better than Simon Gagne was the goal scorer. Gagne stuck through the team during a re-tool as the start of the salary cap era and additionally endured the teams worst season in recent memory. Matt Carle makes a perfect pass from behind his own blue line to Mike Richards, then Carle shoots up the ice to receive the pass back from Richie – then taking a point shot. Gagne was parked in front of the net and in perfect position to tip in the goal, and well you know the rest from here.

Bobby Clarke, 1974 Cup Finals vs. Boston

Cover Photo: Matt Slocum

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